The Turbulence between AKP and Hizmet: The African Case

Hizmet Studies
1 Jun 2017
17/06/19 9:36:27 AM GMT+0000

About the Report This report discusses the history of the Hizmet movement and its establishment of schools around the world, specifically in Africa. Then...   Read More

A Hizmet Approach to Rooting out Violent Extremism

Hizmet Studies
6 May 2015
27/02/17 7:42:21 PM GMT+0000

This is the second publication in the ‘thought and practice’ series, the first being ‘Gulen on Dialogue’. The series aims both to contribute to...   Read More

Gülen on Dialogue

Hizmet Studies
1 May 2014
27/02/17 7:41:58 PM GMT+0000

This publication is about the thought and practice espoused and practised by Fethullah Gülen and the Hizmet movement. Fethullah Gülen is one of the...   Read More

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