Kyrgyz-Turk Dual Citizen Abducted and Held Hostage in Turkish Embassy, Bishkek

Hizmet Studies
17 Jun 2021
17/06/21 2:58:29 PM GMT+0000

In a pattern of transnational repression, the Turkish government is continuing its persecution of the Hizmet Movement: the latest victim being an educator, Mr...   Read More

The politics of appeasement strengthens Turkey’s willingness to ignore human rights

Hizmet Studies
17 Oct 2018
17/10/18 10:26:06 AM GMT+0000

What happened? On the 3rd October 2018, an armed man was seen trying to enter Fethullah Gulen’s place of residence – the Chestnut Retreat...   Read More

Turkey’s extra-judicial rendition from Europe becomes common practice

Hizmet Studies
6 Sep 2018
10/09/18 11:37:32 AM GMT+0000

LONDON-06 September 2018 What happened? On 6 September 2018, Moldovan and Turkish intelligence services arbitrarily detained 6 Turkish nationals in Moldova over links to...   Read More

President Erdogan takes tips from Putin in targeting dissidents abroad

Hizmet Studies
21 Mar 2018
21/03/18 4:13:34 PM GMT+0000

LONDON- 21 March 2018 What happened? On 14 March 2018, Prime Minister Theresa May announced the expulsion of 23 Russian diplomats after Russia refused...   Read More

Teacher’s Death Under Torture and Officially Admitted Innocence Should Act as a Reminder

Hizmet Studies
28 Feb 2018
28/02/18 5:33:33 PM GMT+0000

LONDON – 28 February 2018 What happened? On Aug 5, 2016, Gokhan Acikkolu, a 42-year old history teacher, was tortured to death under police...   Read More

Turkey’s Purge Takes More Lives

Hizmet Studies
14 Feb 2018
28/02/18 5:19:59 PM GMT+0000

LONDON – 14 February 2018 What happened? On 13 February 2018, a mother (37) and her two children (aged 3 and 11) were found...   Read More

Systematic Efforts by the Erdoğan Regime to Portray Hizmet as a Violent Organisation

Hizmet Studies
25 Aug 2017
25/08/17 9:08:20 AM GMT+0000

There has been a systematic campaign in Turkey by the Erdoğan regime and its acolytes to provoke the followers of the Hizmet Movement into...   Read More

Hizmet Studies Responds to Gülen’s Video Message on International Women’s Day

Hizmet Studies
9 Mar 2017
09/05/17 3:09:47 PM GMT+0000

LONDON – 09th March 2017 On International Women’s Day, 8th March 2017, Islamic scholar Fethullah Gülen broadcast a video message on women and International...   Read More

Hizmet Studies Responds to Gulen’s 23rd December 2014 Video Blog

Hizmet Studies
23 Dec 2014
27/02/17 12:52:38 PM GMT+0000

“The sword has been returned to its case” Fethullah Gulen is a Turkish Islamic scholar and the initiator of a global civil society grass...   Read More

Hizmet Studies Responds to Gulen’s Latest Interview with Süddeutsche Zeitung

Hizmet Studies
13 Dec 2014
27/02/17 12:54:17 PM GMT+0000

Fethullah Gulen is a Turkish Islamic scholar and the initiator of a global civil society grass roots movement that is composed predominantly of people...   Read More

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