UK Parliament Hearing on Gülen and Hizmet Movement

LONDON – 31 January 2017

The UK Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee is examining the bilateral relationship between the UK and Turkey, focusing on rights and freedoms as well as how Turkish foreign and security policies relate to those of the UK. The inquiry is ongoing. To see the topics the Committee inquiry covers, please click here.

The Committee is also considering recent developments in Turkey such as the failed coup of July 2016 and the declaration of a state of emergency, which gives President Erdoğan enhanced powers for an additional three months, which has implications for Turkey’s democracy and human rights. Since the Turkish government have sought to justify their crackdown on human rights and democracy on the pretext of eradicating the Gülen-inspired Hizmet movement, the Committee invited participants of the Hizmet movement in the US and UK to address the allegations by appearing before the Committee for a hearing and by submitting written evidence.

Parliament Hearing

The hearing on Gülen and Hizmet took place on November 15, 2016 and lasted 1:07 minutes. The hearing video can be accessed below or by clicking here. Transcription of the hearing is also available online.

Written evidence by Alliance for Shared Values

The written evidence is a 16,000 word original document, not previously published, and is separate from the hearing. It discusses topics such as Hizmet and transparency, systematic human rights violations against Hizmet, why Hizmet is being singled out in Turkey and responds to Turkey’s specific allegations against Hizmet, such as ‘secrecy’, ‘infiltration’, ‘parallel state’ and ‘orchestrating’ the failed coup. The written evidence can be accessed from the UK parliament website.

Written Evidence by Centre for Hizmet Studies

Centre for Hizmet Studies also provided a written evidence for the parliamentary inquiry. This evidence was written by Dr Ismail Mesut Sezgin, director of Centre for Hizmet Studies. In this evidence, Sezgin explains why Gülen movement was blamed for the coup, and the criteria that Turkish government applies for the purges, and question the official narrative around the coup and Hizmet Movement. Click here to read the evidence document.

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