Centre for Hizmet Studies launches Hizmet Watch

LONDON – 12 October 2016

Centre for Hizmet Studies is pleased to announce its new initiative, Hizmet Watch, which traces incidents of hate crime and human rights violations against Hizmet-affiliated organisations and people since Turkey’s failed coup on 15th July.

The Turkish government’s systematic persecution of Hizmet in Turkey since 2013 has reached a new level of repression in the aftermath of the coup attempt. The government has purged thousands of officials from the state bureaucracy, including teachers, judges and academics, and suppressed thousands of civilians for alleged links to Hizmet. There are reports of arbitrary imprisonment and widespread allegations of torture and ill-treatment in Turkey. In addition, the concerted effort by the government to demonise the Hizmet movement in and outside of Turkey has led to increased attacks on Hizmet-affiliated organisations and people in Europe. These attacks appear to be locally and regionally coordinated.

Hizmet Watch will trace such incidents of hate crime and report human rights violations against Hizmet people particularly in Turkey. It will share the stories of those suppressed, imprisoned or forced to live in exile to make their stories public knowledge and bear witness to their sufferings. To protect the privacy of individuals and victims’ identities, Hizmet Watch will withhold data that would otherwise put the person in danger.

It should be noted that we encourage people who have been targeted to inform the police and national watch bodies, i.e. Tell MAMA. We also inform organisations that work on hate crime and human rights violations about reported incidents regarding Hizmet-inspired institutions and individuals.

For more information, please visit https://www.hizmetwatch.com

Below you can find links to some of the incidents that have been recorded by Hizmet Watch:

Zaman Britain ceases publication amid pressure
September 16, 2016

The British edition of Turkey’s leading opposition newspaper, Zaman, ceased publishing and its staff have removed the newspaper’s sign outside its offices in Highbury, north London, as a precaution against attacks.

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Prominent educator receives death threats in Germany
September 2, 2016

Ercan Karakoyun, a prominent educator and dialogue pioneer within Berlin’s Turkish community, has received six death threats via email and social media.

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Families pull their children from school after pressure and threats in the Netherlands
September 6, 2016

Some families were forced to pull their children from a school affiliated with the Hizmet Movement, as a result of threats and pressure from supporters of the Turkish President Erdogan.

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Belgium resident says Hizmet people should be stoned
September 13, 2016

A Belgium resident posting messages on social media says that Hizmet people should be stoned, but not until they die.

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