Report Launch in Leicester: A Hizmet Approach to Rooting out Violent Extremism

Hizmet Studies
28 April 2016 18:00 22/02/17 6:26:48 PM GMT+0000
Dialogue Society Leicester Branch
Centre for Hizmet Studies
  • Dialogue Society Leicester Branch
  • 2 Swan Street, Leicester LE3 5AW

Centre for Hizmet Studies is pleased to launch its latest report, ‘a Hizmet Approach to Rooting out Violent Extremism’, which set out an alternative approach to confront violent extremism that claims an Islamic justification.

The publication offers researchers, policy makers and journalists a summary of Hizmet’s theological refutation of violent extremism. It demonstrates that the core teachings of Hizmet act as a positive counter-narrative to extremist ideology.

Drawing attention to the challenges associated with linear, traditional, reactive policy-making directly aimed at defeating violent extremist ideology, the publication explains the nature and features of Hizmet’s deradicalisation by default approach, which proactively addresses both facets of the radicalisation process: ideology and inculcation.

Speakers Biography

William Baldet (Chair and Discussant), is a Prevent practitioner working in Leicester and is based at the St Philips Centre, an inter-faith charity that specialises in promoting dialogue between communities.

Ismail Mesut Sezgin holds a PhD from Leeds Beckett University on ‘Moral Responsibility and Islam’ and is the Executive Director of the Centre for Hizmet Studies.

Ozcan Keles is a non-practising Barrister, a full-time PhD candidate at the University of Sussex and the Chairperson of the Dialogue Society.

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