Gulen: A Religious Community (cemaat) or A Social Community (camia)?

6 Apr 2011
27/02/17 10:38:34 AM GMT+0000

It is necessary to agree on definitions first before studying the Gülen movement Such a consensus will place the discussion on a more appropriate...   Read More

How Fethullah Gulen Generated Social Responsibility?

25 Feb 2011
27/02/17 10:32:36 AM GMT+0000

Surveillance cameras, community policing (on top of regular policing), “citizenship” classes in schools, even penalties for anti-social behaviour – these and other measures testify...   Read More

An Islamic Sign of Hope for an Inclusive Europe

21 Feb 2011
27/02/17 10:27:02 AM GMT+0000

As Europe heads deeper into economic recession, political crises and loss of social equilibrium, an increasingly diverse continent faces potentially serious challenges to cohesion,...   Read More

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