The Function of the Hizmet Movement in Society

17 Feb 2012
27/02/17 8:09:37 AM UTC

The Gülen Movement (also widely known as the Hizmet Movement) was first established in the 1970s in Turkey with educational and dialogue institutions. Since...   Read More

Fethullah Gulen’s Stance on the Kurdish Issue

17 Feb 2012
27/02/17 8:17:48 AM UTC

A few months ago, shortly after 24 soldiers had been killed by the PKK and everything related to the Kurdish issue seemed to be...   Read More

Understanding Structure and Hierarchy in the Gulen Movement – 1

27 Sep 2011
27/02/17 8:25:57 AM UTC

The Gülen Movement, also known as Hizmet (service), is a social movement inspired by the Turkish Islamic scholar and peace activist Fethullah Gülen. It...   Read More

Glocal Education

1 Sep 2011
27/02/17 8:29:02 AM UTC

The reason that the Hizmet movement concentrates on the few areas that it does has to do with the importance and centrality of those...   Read More

Global Frontier to Ceaseless Activism

24 Aug 2011
27/02/17 8:33:20 AM UTC

A programme on BBC Radio 4 called the Gulen or Hizmet movement the world’s “most successful Islamic movement”. It is indeed remarkable for its...   Read More

Why Do a Minority Fear Hizmet?

1 Jul 2011
27/02/17 10:59:09 AM UTC

Before addressing the above question it’s important to first put things in perspective. The Hizmet movement (a transnational faith inspired human centric movement inspired...   Read More

Fethullah Gulen comments on Gulenophobia

12 May 2011
27/02/17 10:51:53 AM UTC

Fethullah Gülen, a Turkish Islamic scholar and peace activist, commented on an ever-growing systematic defamation campaign against him and the movement he inspires in...   Read More

Emphasising ‘We’ in Gulen’s Thought

12 May 2011
27/02/17 10:46:59 AM UTC

While reading an article about Robert Putnam’s ‘hunkering down’ theory, I was struck by how close Putnam comes to one of the most vital...   Read More

Gulen Community and Gulen’s Reminder

13 Apr 2011
27/02/17 10:42:41 AM UTC

Last week in this column I wrote that large masses whose common denominator is to adopt Fethullah Gülen Hocaefendi’s spiritual leadership cannot be referred...   Read More

Gulen: A Religious Community (cemaat) or A Social Community (camia)?

6 Apr 2011
27/02/17 10:38:34 AM UTC

It is necessary to agree on definitions first before studying the Gülen movement Such a consensus will place the discussion on a more appropriate...   Read More

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