All your questions about the Turkey coup, answered

16 Jul 2016
23/02/17 5:01:44 PM UTC

What happened? What do I need to know? Late at night on July 15, a group of Turkish soldiers took over several institutions in...   Read More

Fethullah Gülen on Acts of Terrorism – in light of Paris and Beirut

14 Nov 2015
23/02/17 5:02:03 PM UTC

Once again terrorists have struck out at innocent people in Paris and Beirut. To add insult to injury, as if that were possible at...   Read More

Dar al-Hizmet / Abode of Service in a Globalized World

7 Jan 2015
23/02/17 3:40:29 PM UTC

It is clear that there are some Islamic concepts which have been abused to find ground for radical activities. For instance, the concepts of...   Read More

Hizmet, Gaza and the 14-year-old boy

4 Aug 2014
23/02/17 5:02:33 PM UTC

I cannot say “I feel,” as feeling is required, but neither can I deny my God-given nature of being deeply moved by the suffering,...   Read More

Erdogan’s war against Hizmet: Step by step

22 Jul 2014
23/02/17 5:02:54 PM UTC

Turkish prosecutors carried out a number of arrests and raids on the morning of 17th December 2013 as part of a series of on-going...   Read More

Tamsil: The inadvertent overspill of internalization

13 Jun 2014
23/02/17 5:03:19 PM UTC

I was once the warden of a student hostel at which my younger brother was also a resident. One evening he asked my permission...   Read More

The Pigeon, The Finger, and Hizmet’s ‘Inevitable Ambiguity’

4 Jun 2014
23/02/17 5:03:35 PM UTC

Like ‘beauty’, ambiguity can be in the eye of the beholder. While there are Hizmet-related reasons for some of Hizmet’s ambiguity, there are even...   Read More

Diverging points between AKP and Hizmet movement: Kurdish question

2 Feb 2014
23/02/17 5:04:02 PM UTC

In his recent article in Der Spiegel, Maximilian Popp tries to analyze recent tension between the Hizmet movement and the Justice and Development Party...   Read More

Understanding Structure and Hierarchy in the Gulen Movement – 2

31 Jul 2012
27/02/17 7:58:51 AM UTC

In my previous blog, in an effort to understand and explain how the Gülen Movement (also called Hizmet) operates without a top-down organizational structure,...   Read More

Gulen Movement and Transparency

22 Mar 2012
27/02/17 8:05:40 AM UTC

The transparency of the Hizmet or Gülen Movement has long been a theme of various critics – writers, intellectuals and politicians. In the context...   Read More

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