Islam is Compatible with Democracy, Despite Turkey’s Recent Example

26 Feb 2019
26/02/19 10:04:23 AM GMT+0000

Turkey was hailed as an example for a modern Muslim democracy during the early 2000s. The current ruling party that came to power in...   Read More

Review: ‘The Spirituality of Responsibility: Fethullah Gülen and Islamic Thought’

7 Jul 2017
26/02/19 10:12:33 AM GMT+0000

With regard to leadership and vision, the Sunni Muslim world seems to be in disarray. None of the following leaders, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Abdel...   Read More

Questions we dare not ask: Gülen and the coup

9 Sep 2016
26/02/19 10:13:40 AM GMT+0000

Introduction Gareth Jenkins once criticised Turkey’s infamous Ergenekon indictments on the grounds that they were “products of ‘projective’ rather than deductive reasoning, working backwards...   Read More

Turkey after the purge: Freedom of expression and justice thwarted

1 Sep 2016
27/02/17 8:25:13 PM GMT+0000

In the wake of the thwarted coup of 15 July, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan declared a state of emergency, bypassing parliament and enabling rule...   Read More

The Hizmet Movement: ‘Terrorist’ or Terrorised?

22 Aug 2016
23/02/17 4:59:30 PM GMT+0000

After the attempted military coup in Turkey last month, President Erdogan and officials within the Turkish government seem to have unequivocally blamed sympathisers of...   Read More

Five global challenges: how might Hizmet respond?

12 Aug 2016
23/02/17 4:59:52 PM GMT+0000

Hizmet, the social movement inspired by the neo-Sufi thinker Fetullah Gülen, is currently being dismembered by the autocratic president of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan....   Read More

An Unfair Treatment!

12 Aug 2016
23/02/17 5:00:10 PM GMT+0000

It is with great shock and sadness I tuned into the news to learn about the recent development in Turkey, which now might be...   Read More

Dialogue and distrust: on the predicament of Gulen-inspired organisations in the UK

11 Aug 2016
23/02/17 5:00:27 PM GMT+0000

Dialogue can be hard work. It is an indisputably good idea for there to be meaningful contact between people of different religious, ideological and...   Read More

Lessons from the UK’s Chilcot Report for Turkey’s post-coup response

7 Aug 2016
23/02/17 5:00:45 PM GMT+0000

On September 24, 2002, the UK government published a fifty page dossier on Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction which was discussed in Parliament on...   Read More

Gulen movement becoming victim of its own legend

6 Aug 2016
26/02/19 10:08:36 AM GMT+0000

I don’t know whether they are aware of it, but a danger that needs to be taken very seriously awaits the Gulen movement. In...   Read More

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