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Hizmet Studies

Founded in 2014, the Centre for Hizmet Studies is a London-based non-profit organisation that provides information, research, analysis and critique on Hizmet, a civil society grass roots movement originating out of Turkey but now active in over 160 countries worldwide through education, dialogue, relief work and media. The movement was inspired and initiated by Fethullah Gulen, a Turkish Islamic scholar and peace advocate. The Centre aims to facilitate, as well as present, critical analysis of Hizmet for both academic and popular audiences. Its practices include resource development and information supply, research and publication, courses and discussion forums.

These activities have the common goal of encouraging a more nuanced understanding of how the Hizmet movement is motivated, of how its practice has matured through the challenges it has faced, and the opportunities that its example makes possible for similar endeavours by people of good will inspired by their own cultural traditions to work, in their different cultural and political settings, for the well-being of humankind.
The Centre for Hizmet Studies was founded by a group of individuals who have both researched Hizmet at a Doctoral level and who are personally inspired by Hizmet’s teachings and praxis.

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